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When it comes to living in China, a lot of people, if they’ve never had contact with Chinese, mix it up with all of Asia. They think Chinese are like Japanese and Koreans. In reality they're extremely different and shouldn't be confused. 

Take, for example, views on partnership, guanxi or how a contract is seen and valued. Each culture has its own take. 

This shoudn't come as a surprise. 

Every culture does things the way they think is the best, otherwise cultures would change. Germans think they do things the best way; Americans think they do things the best way; and of course Chinese do the same. 

Therefore if you come to China, you should develop an openness to a different culture, and not be totally stuck with your own American, German or British cultural 'glasses.' Take those glasses off and put on the Chinese glasses. 

This way, not only will you operate better in life and business, but your time spent in China will really enrich your life. 

A number of clients report that after a training, they realize the Chinese way isn’t so bad. What they become as a result are international managers, with many more options and solutions to problems they face, even when they return to their home countries. They’re not just stuck in their cultural habits. It’s like a toolbox. 

Do your best to see and understand things with a Chinese perspective, and then you have a more successful business and happy life here.

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