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The belief in yin and yang makes Chinese people more flexible in business compared to their Western counterparts, says Karsten Schmidt, Managing Director at KommS Consulting.

It helps them when facing the nature of change. 

For Asian cultures, including China, black and white, or male and female, are concepts which belong together. 

You have to accept one with the other. 

If you come from Western cultures, especially European, the roots are in Greek philosophy, which means you have to have a verdict, logical thinking, it is either one way or the other. 

Indeed in European cultures, things have to be 100%. Something is 100% bad or 100% good. In China, people understand that the good comes with the bad. 

This explains why many Westerners don’t understand how in China, under a communist system, there could be stronger capitalism than even in the US. Again, yin and yang. Both belong together. 

The Chinese don’t have a problem to say one country, two systems, since they are more flexible in their approach than Westerners. 

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